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There is never more regret on hitting the delete button than when it is the case of an unsaved mail or file. Or when you pluck out the USB or the hard disk drive even before the document has completed saving itself, the regret that floods you is instant and all-consuming. By the time you try and stop the process, you realize regrettably that the file has got corrupted. All this mad rush to stop a mail from getting deleted and a file from getting corrupted and lost can be saved by using Stellar Repair for Outlook software.

The Stellar Repair for Outlook software is useful to repair Outlook PST files that have become corrupt, damaged or inaccessible. So, what exactly are PST files? They are Personal Storage Table files which are used to store contacts, notes, calendar, messages and the likes within the softwares provided by Microsoft like Outlook and Windows Messaging.

Damaged PST Files

Stellar Repair for Outlook software will use a complex algorithm to scan your system for the damaged PST files, repair these files and then store them as new usable files to get back important data in the form of emails, calendar items, and attachments, which you had almost lost. These recently recovered files are stored as new PST files.

Stellar Repair for Outlook software has a rather simple user interface. It is uncomplicated for all kinds of users. Be it the first-time consumers or those who have been used to the older versions, the interface will throw up no problems for anyone. The interface is quite similar to Microsoft Outlook. It even has the same tabs as Outlook for calendar, notes, mails etc. The setting up of the software will take no time once you have downloaded the software. Install it on your system and you are ready to start.

You can use Stellar Repair for Outlook software to retrieve either a few of your deleted mails or an entire mailbox. You can then go ahead and choose from all the mails that will be listed out, the exact email that you are looking for. And you are good to go.

You would think that Stellar Repair for Outlook software would be good only for smaller functions like recovering either a single, a couple of perhaps a little bit more than that number of mails. You would certainly be wrong to underestimate this software. If you happen to have files that are larger than 2 GB and that have either got corrupted or deleted, lay aside your worries about the software being incapable of handling such large files. The program will be able to manage such enormous amount of data, quite comfortably.

Like most softwares that are being manufactured in present times, Stellar Repair for Outlook has a preview option available. You can check out the recovered files in the software itself. Just click on the particular mail that you want to preview and the contents of that mail will be shown on the screen. This enables you to select only those mails that you are interested in, instead of going through each and every mail one by one. This will save all the users of Stellar Repair for Outlook software a lot of effort and more importantly, time.

Through Stellar Repair for Outlook software you can retrieve your PST files and choose any location to store them. This also includes the drives attached to networks that the host operating system recognizes. If you want to store the recovered data at any other location, you can exercise that choice as well.

Why You Should Use Stellar Repair For Outlook

Another interesting feature of Stellar Repair for Outlook software is its ability allowing you to search any mail, from all the repaired mails. You can base your search on various criteria like name of the recipient, sender, date or subject.

What about some of the encrypted mails that may have got corrupted, lost or deleted? Stellar Repair for Outlook software permits you to retrieve even those PST files that have been protected by passwords or are encrypted. This literally means that if you have a corrupted, damaged or inaccessible PST file, that may or may not be protected by passwords, you can get it back and use the information it contains.

Stellar Repair for Outlook software supports Outlook XP, Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and even Outlook 2000. The most recent version includes bug fixes, updates and enhancements. It also includes a recovery module that supports best encryption while recovering your PST files. Also, in the earlier editions, each field of Outlook options like emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and journals could not be recovered. This is possible with the latest edition of Stellar Repair for Outlook software.

Stellar Repair for Outlook software does not just all this. It will give you back HTML, text and RTF files in their correct formatting style. A unique profile will be created for these and the PST files individually. The exported files will then on their own be driven to Microsoft Outlook.

There is a live update alternative that you can use to your benefit. By using this option, the software will get constantly updated on its own, when you are connected to the Internet.

A random computer shutdown or a drive getting damaged can mean that invaluable data may get lost or corrupted. This could turn out to be a huge loss for you with regards to your personal or professional life. The Stellar Repair for Outlook software provides you with a convenient and a viable option to prevent just that. When one has the know-how to stop an accident of this nature, then one must use technology at one's disposal. So if you hit the delete button by mistake or if your files get corrupted, damaged or become inaccessible, you can give Stellar Repair for Outlook software a shot and see for yourself how easy the job becomes.
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