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Privacy Policy

The privacy of customers and visitors is extremely important to stellar-phoenix.com. In order to ensure the privacy of visitors, the company has taken a few initiatives. One of the most common measures used by stellar-phoenix.com is to maintain log files. These log files include a host of information including the visitor's IP address, Internet service provider, browser, date and time of visit, details of pages visited as well as number of clicks. All this information is recorded solely for the purpose of analyzing trends and administering the website better. Again, none of these data can be linked to personal information in anyway so there is nothing to worry about.

stellar-phoenix.com stores visitor information in the form of cookies. These cookies record a host of information such as user preferences and other user-specific information such as the visitor's browser type and the web page content based on this detail. Any information sent by the visitor through his/her browser is recorded in the same format. These web beacons and cookies are used by advertising partners as pointers towards on-going trends. Information regarding cookies, IP addresses etc. are used by third-party advertising networks in order to measure the efficacy of the advertisements being posted by them. stellar-phoenix.com has no control over these third-party elements.

If you are looking for more detailed information regarding these third-party advertising networks, you can directly contact the ad servers for this. You can also get information regarding how to drop out of certain processes. However, the fact remains that stellar-phoenix.com has no control over how these advertisers operate.

If you are not comfortable with the system of cookies, you can always disable them through your web browser. If you are looking for more information regarding how to go about this, you will find it at the website where you got your browser from.