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Stellar Repair for Outlook Features

How many times you have looked at the computer screen blankly, not knowing what to do, once you have hit the delete button? The mail that seemed irrelevant a few moments ago suddenly seems important, sometimes, extremely important. What about when the computer all of a sudden shut down or when you ejected the hard disk drive and your document became corrupt? For all such scenarios when you do not know what to do next and how to retrieve your important data, there is Stellar Repair for Outlook software.

Stellar Repair for Outlook software can help you in situations as these. This software can repair Outlook PST files that have got corrupted, been deleted or may have become inaccessible. Microsoft Outlook store information regarding contacts, mails, calendars, tasks and notes in the form of PST files. PST stands for Personal Storage Table files. Windows Messaging also uses PST files to store data.

So how does Stellar Repair for Outlook software work? This program scans the system for the damaged PST files. It then repairs and finally, stores the information in new PST files. Thus, your data is not lost forever.

The Stellar Repair for Outlook software can be installed on your system if you have a Pentium processor. The operating system can be any of the Windows operating systems like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. 1 GB of RAM is recommended as is 100 MB of free disk space for proper installation.

Microsoft Outlook versions have seen their share of change. Stellar Repair for Outlook software supports Microsoft Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002 and 2000.

How to retrieve your deleted mails

It is no rocket science to use Stellar Repair for Outlook software. The user interface makes it a treat for most users to use this program. There are no nerve-racking issues that are thrown at the user. It contains no cryptic instructions. The neat and chic interface is very similar to the interface of Microsoft Outlook. This ensures that the user will not have major issues. The user's familiarity with Outlook will take care of that. The software takes no more expertise than opening a box of chocolates. Just follow the instructions and you will have the program on your system.

Let us get into the uses that Stellar Repair for Outlook software can be put to. You can retrieve your deleted mails whether they are a few or many. If you want to recover an entire mailbox, even that is possible. If you are looking to retrieve just a single mail, then you can select that particular file from all the ones that will be listed.

Sometimes you may need to recover a large chunk of your mails. Even if you have to get back files that amount to more than 2 GB in size, you need not fret. Stellar Repair for Outlook software is quite capable of managing such a high volume.

Once you have recovered the damaged or corrupted PST files, Stellar Repair for Outlook software allows you to store the new PST files at the location that you choose. You can select any of the drives connected to networks that your operating system acknowledges.

Search options

Another appealing feature that may grab your attention is the search option in Stellar Repair for Outlook software. You can now look for PST files on the basis of their name, who sent them and who had received them. Other parameters that are valid in the search option are date and subject.

All this is good. But you may be wondering about those PST files that are either encrypted or are protected by passwords. Stellar Repair for Outlook software takes care of this issue as well. The program can recover even these encrypted or password-protected files.

Stellar Repair for Outlook software is a software of the current era. So very obviously, it should have a preview feature that will allow the consumer to take a sneak peek into the contents of the PST files that he has recovered. You could not be more right. Stellar Repair for Outlook does have this option. This way you can choose to see in detail only those mails which you need and not the unnecessary ones that may have no use for you at that time. This makes the software not only easy to use but also efficient.

Stellar Repair for Outlook software has one more interesting feature. It will recover for you the files with their HTML, RTF and text formatting intact. The software will make a one of its kind profile for these files and then export them to Microsoft Outlook.

The new Stellar Repair for Outlook software has undergone a few bug fixes, some essential updates and some enhancements. A recovery module has been added that will support encryption while you recover your PST files. In the latest version, the user can now recover Outlook features like calendar, emails, tasks, contacts, journals and notes.

Another feature that makes the latest edition of Stellar Repair for Outlook software a catch is the live update option. Through this feature, the software will update itself whenever the system connects to the Internet.

Stellar Repair for Outlook software ensures that there are no more damaged, corrupted or inaccessible PST files. You can now recover your important data through the aid of Stellar Repair for Outlook software. Loss of important information can have serious and damaging consequences on our personal and professional life. This can be amply prevented by Stellar Repair for Outlook software. We always have simple ways to avoid mishaps. This software is a step towards recovering the loss of important information. Stellar Repair for Outlook software is definitely a boon for all Microsoft Outlook users.