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Stellar Mac Data Recovery Features

Just after you hit that 'Delete' button, it sometimes happens that you realize that you had not saved the file, you deleted the wrong file or that you needed that file for just one more time. The data recovery options are limited unless you have pre-installed a data recovery software in your computer before you went on the deleting spree. Stellar Mac Data Recovery is one such software that helps you to recover your deleted files. Read on to find out more about this program.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery software is specific to Mac users. Stellar Mac Data Recovery is high-performing software that is quite graphical. It is easy to use and simple to navigate. It is one of the most user-friendly softwares available in the market.

Through Stellar Mac Data Recovery, you can restore your deleted files. It also recovers those files that have been corrupted. After you have installed this program in your system, it will even find your lost files and misplaced folders for you. You can use this software not only on your Macs but also on your other portable devices like iPods and memory cards of your digital cameras. This software also supports internal and external hard disk drives like SATA, FireWire and USB flash drives. This proves that the device support offered by this software is commendable.

One more appealing feature of the Stellar Mac Data Recovery software is that it can recover your deleted or damaged photos, emails, music and other documents that have been deleted from the recycle/trash bin and from drives that have been recently formatted. This software also stores the information relating to the scan history of the lost volumes. Support is provided by Stellar Mac Data Recovery for Intel-based Macs and PowerPC. One another interesting feature of this program is the preview option available for Rich audio and video files. This option can be accessed by using the Apple QuickTime's class. When this software recovers files, it does so with name, time, sector number and the date the file was created.

How to find your lost, corrupted or formatted files?

Stellar Mac Data Recovery supports Microsoft Office for Entourage Mails and Mac files. One more feature that will catch your eye, present in this program, is that you can search a particular file that you want through the Mac Style Find option. While creating an image, saving a file or a scan, Stellar Mac Data Recovery checks not the drive that was scanned but the destination drive and free space. It also supports Unicode format. The software offers improved help for CRW and KDC file formats.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery has an uncluttered and neat graphical user interface. This itself could be considered the unique selling point of this software. This makes it easy for the user to locate all the recovery features. Those who are using the product for the first time will find no difficulty in using most of the features of the software.

Perhaps, the most wonderful thing about this product is that it can help you when it comes to the lost, corrupted or formatted files on your iPods. Stellar Mac Data Recovery is compatible with iPod mini and iPod classic. All iPod content can be recovered through this software. This includes audio and video files, audio books, podcasts, and graphic files and documents.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery has a number of scan modes to cater to the interests of the large segment of users that use this software. Some of the scan modes are iPod recovery, lost volume recovery, formatted media recovery, file recovery, music/photo/video recovery and disk image recovery.

The 'Disk Image Recovery' is a rather appealing feature. What is does is that is creates a sector-wise disk image of a device before it runs any recovery routine. How does it help? What it does is that it permits you to either data from the drive or from the image. Just keep one point in mind. Remember to save the image on a drive other than the one which is being recovered. Also note that you will need more free space on that hard disk drive to do that. Through this imaging option, you can create an image of the entire drive or the chosen region that is mountable. Then if there is any mishap or instance where you lose your data, you can very conveniently restore the same within very less time.

User-friendly software from Stellar Mac Data Recovery

The software categorizes the files that have been found on 'type-basis', making it easier for you to locate them. Stellar Mac Data Recovery comes with a bootable DVD. Through this DVD, you can start your Mac and get access to your documents and files, in case the system does not boot or in a more worrying scenario, crashes.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery does have a few areas where it falters and fails to deliver. It fulfills all the necessary prerequisites to be a dependable software for amateurs or home-users. However, of you are looking to use it more than what an average person uses, then you will run into many dead-ends. This software is not accompanied by a comprehensive product manual. Stellar Mac Data Recovery also lacks maintenance tools and RAID support. There is no option of disk defragmentation and disk maintenance features.

Even if Stellar Mac Data Recovery does not have RAID support, the website of the software company offers the option of support to recover lost files from RAID setups, NAS and SAN. Technical support is provided to users 24 hours through telephone and online chat. The users can also make use of the technical support through support tickets.

All in all, the Stellar Mac Data Recovery software is a great deal for its users. The software is user-friendly and easy to maneuver. There are some glitches in the software but the end result of using the program assures one of its qualities. It possesses many great features and should be a boon for anyone who has suffered the untimely loss of important data.