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Like any other operating system, the Mac operating system is also subject to a host of software failures such as a virus infections/malicious software, unreadable sectors of storage devices, power failures, voltage outages, operating system boot failures and so on. Mac users were also reported to have lost data post a recent upgrade of the solution to the newer version. AS good example, is the data loss faced by the users, who upgraded from the MAC OS to the Mac OS X Lion.

The Stellar Mac Data Recovery software provides a better and faster way of recovering files that could have been erased from the hard disk, deleted or even those that lie damaged or unreadable. Designed and tested for compatibility with file systems such as FAT, HFS+, HFS, HFS Wrapper, the software allows for data recovery to be performed from hard drives that are internal/external, iPods, Memory Cards and other storage devices supported by Mac. PowerPC and Intel based Macs are no exceptions too. NTFS is not supported for Mac users. Ext2 and common Unix file formats are also not compatible with this software.

This software is also available along with a bootable DVD, to enable data recovery, even while the system is not able to boot up. Another extremely useful utility is the 'Disk Imaging' software that can be bought or is sometimes, available as a freebie with the software. It allows for creation of an image of the entire hard drive.

Mac Data Recovery Has The Following Modules

Undelete Trash:
Even though you may have emptied the trash on your computer, this option allows for easy retrieval of all those files and folders. Even if you had hit the permanent delete key combination, on the computer.

Formatted Mac Data Recovery:
Scanning entire blocks of formatted Mac volumes, for data that has been formatted or been lost, may seem like a herculean task. But this module is proved to have provided more chances, of recovering data from formatted Mac volumes, than any other. Apart from accidental formatting, it also recovers data from drives/ volumes that have gone kaput or sectors that have become unreadable, data that has gotten infected by virus attacks or malware infections.

Photo Recovery Mac:
Like the name suggests, land all your lost images, videos and other multimedia formats of files, with the help of a convenient recovery option just for these.

Creation of Images that can be Mounted:
Choose portions or regions of the hard drive, which can be saved for later use. In other words, create an image, of given instance of data, to which the hard drive can be restored to, in case of software failures, in the future.

Boot DVD: This is a bonus DVD, that will help users to boot up their machines, so as to access data on the hard drive, in case the system refuses to boot.

iPod Data Recovery: This module makes accessible all those cherished files, folders, playlists, images, videos which one may have saved on an iPod.

Email Data Recovery: retrieve all mails from the Apple mail interface and the MS Entourage software that were lost.

Quick Recovery:
This method is by far, the quickest and the easiest way of recovering data from OS X Lion or later. It is especially useful, where the hard drive or an entire volume of data has gone corrupt.

Deleted File Recovery:
Time Consuming, but efficient nevertheless, this module provides a solution to recover deleted data from the Mac OS X Lion or later. This module traverses entire blocks of unused data, to look and scan for the data that had been accidentally deleted. The search is conducted using the file's signature.

Search Lost/ Deleted Volume
'All is not Lost' yet. This module looks for accidentally deleted data through hard drives and other storage devices supported by Mac. It also supports searching for accidentally deleted volumes of Mac that were unable to mount.

Advanced Options Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery

The easy to use interface provided by the software, allows search with advanced options, in a way similar to the Mac's Find options. It provides display of files and folders in the tree like view along with a 'Preview' option allows for a quick preview of the data, which is soon going to be recovered.

The 'Preview' feature for audio and video files is supported by Apple's Quicktime player. Post Recovery, the software records details of the files recovered such as the name of the file, date the file was created, time and the number of the sector to which the file belonged to. Stellar, also mentions support for data recovery from RAID setups, SAN and NAS. It also promises that the software has the capability to resume data recovery, in case the recovery was paused, due to some reason. This is of course, subject to the fact that none of the files, that were part of the recovery process, were moved or edited.

The software, however, does not come with a product manual, and other tools required for maintenance and support. Though the software is able to recover data effectively and is extremely easy to use by both, novices and advanced users, it lacks tools such as Backup tools, options for Disk Fragmentation etc. It also does not provide disk maintenance tools, which need to be used for correcting partition errors etc. However, the support staff seems to be extremely knowledgeable and willing to help via their technical support available 24/7. The company also allows dissatisfied customers to take their money back, within 30 days of buying the software.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery software definitely covers most of the features required for data recovery for an average computer user, and offers flexibility and compatibility across storage devices as well. It would serve as a good tool for home users, who need to recover data from external devices such as MAC OS X drives, media devices etc.
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