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Stellar Repair for Exchange Features

Hardware malfunctioning, hard disk issues, huge mail size exceeding the limits are some of the reasons of corruption of EDB Files. Even there are instances like corrupt databases shutdown,transaction log file damage or loss, Scanning of exchange server directory by an anti-virus application, damage of EDB header, inappropriate or outdated software or could be damage at application level, ESE or page all these kind of situations do come up and users can very much rely on Stellar Repair for Exchange.

These EDB files stores all received and sent mails from the mail box of the user. All these issues result hamper access of emails and other relevant data such as addresses, messages, tasks, meetings, contacts etc, which affects other onward and relevant tasks.

Stellar Repair for Exchange is one of the best solutions which enables users an easier way to convert to as.PST i.e. Personal Storage File by converting corrupt Microsoft Exchange EDB files. Users have always relied upon Stellar Repair for Exchange for any kind of EDP damage.

The comprehensive scanning feature of the software quickly helps in extracting every lost or accidental mailbox deletions. The solution creates a trail report which has complete data about restored EDB files and restoring procedures. At times the user encounters a damaged EDB store which prompts different listing errors the user has only one and the only best option and that is Stellar Repair for Exchange solution

Why choose Stellar Repair for Exchange

Easy recovery:

Stellar Repair for Exchange solution assists in quick restoration of all information and emails. The solution facilitates retrieval of information from multiple types of storage media which may be damaged or in a corrupted state. The solution is a mailbox restoring software that recovers damaged user mailbox by recovering EDB files as PST files. Users have highly recommended the solution due to the solution's ability to perform restoration of tasks, notes, contacts and appointments, date creation for all items, messages, folders and attachments of mailboxes. The software enables the users to choose the mailboxes that need to be recovered without modifying the original format of the HTML and RTF messages. The software helps in recovering both mails that are already deleted and the ones that are "in use" mailboxes. Stellar Repair for Exchange software ensures recovery of mailboxes as files which are PST.

Easy Conversion & Affordability:

Stellar Repair for Exchange solution assists in easy conversion of mailboxes to PST. The software is easily affordable and can also assist in the repair of a number of mailboxes and exchange data store of any volume.

Intuitive and Smart Interface:

Stellar Repair for Exchange solution has a very smart and intuitive interface which is easy to use. The users find it very easy to use the solution. The solution is very user friendly with Windows 2003 / 2000/ XP. The toolbar and menu options available in the solution are user friendly. The screen of the software displays easy steps that a user requires to perform for restoring the information.

Extremely Supportive:

Stellar Repair for Exchange solution restores STM data as the main body section of the mail message and is capable to support to Microsoft exchange server 5.5., 2000 and 2003.

Comprehensive Security:

Stellar Repair for Exchange solution offers most reliable, secure and user friendly application.

Easy to use:

Stellar Repair for Exchange solution uses comprehensive and very sophisticated algorithms and restoring capabilities for scanning which does not further damage or ruin the EDB files.

Comprehensive Audit Log:

Stellar Repair for Exchange solution maintains a comprehensive audit log of all the restoration done. The logs give a complete detail of all the folders that have been restored, the date and time of restoration etc.,

Help Feature:

Stellar Repair for Exchange solution help feature enables the users to use the application easily by giving them guidance on how to use the application. This menu is shown as '?' icon and this can be used to view the user guide. This help feature is also accessible through the Menu bar and is in addition to the user guide which facilitates appropriate links for product updates, product information and product purchase details. Besides the dashboard the software also provides a menu bar function to perform same tasks.

Additional Features:

Stellar Repair for Exchange solution facilitates downloads which are free in the demo version. The demo version furnishes a complete preview of all the files which can be restored using the software. All files which are available in preview option only can be restored. In case the user needs to perform actual restoring of files or information he / she will have to purchase the software. It is highly recommended that for best outcome with Stellar Repair for Exchange solution the EDB and STM files are put in the same folder. It is of utmost importance that MS outlook is installed correctly.

Variety of License Types:

Stellar Phoenix EDB has three types of licenses which are Administrator License (educational), Technical License, Administrator License (Corporate). All license types are also available as a CD and also through regular download. The solution can be installed on multiple systems (computers) in a single location with the feature of both the Corporate and educational licenses. To install the application on multiple systems in multiple locations the technical license can also be used.


Stellar Repair for Exchange solution has the interface language in English. The software version is 4.1 and the launch date of the application was in the month of February 2011. The system requires a processor of Pentium class and the operating system required is Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/Windows7/NT4(SP6). The minimal memory required by the software is 256 MB (approximately 512 MB is suggested). Hard disk of the software should have at least 50 MB of free space.

Easy installation:

You only need to follow very simple steps to install the software.
Start the application.
Choose the EDB file and mention the destination.
Choose the start option to begin scanning.
Choose the required mailboxes and select the OK option to recover.
Then select 'OK'.