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Stellar Repair For Access

Stellar Repair for Access is an application that has been designed to repair and recover corrupted files connected to the Microsoft Access database. However, before one gets into the nuances of Stellar Repair for Access, it is important to understand what purpose Microsoft Access serves.

Microsoft Access is a relational database management system that combines the best elements of the Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a highly advanced graphical user interface making access easy for the user. These features are also backed by a host of software development tools that make the job much easier.

Software developers as well as data architects use this software to develop a host of application software that can be extremely handy to organizations. In fact, most databases being used in the present scenario are based on the relational database model.

The information processed and analyzed by these systems helps businesses and organizations handle their database much better. This not only increases productivity but also helps administrators understand trends and correlations better. It is for this reason that when Microsoft access crashes or corrupts files, it becomes quite a big problem for many companies and software developers. Stellar Repair for Access comes into the picture as a life saver in the case of most of these problems

Microsoft Access MDF Files

When Microsoft Access saves data in its database, the information is stored with an extension ".MDB". However, on many occasions MDB files are corrupted which puts all the information at stake. This becomes a real headache for software developers because these files contains information that could be worth months and years of hard work. Before the advent of Stellar Repair for Access, developers would have to start work on their database all over again which, in itself, is quite a disaster. In fact, many developers are known to lose out on quite a bit owing to corruption of their databases.

The following messages are some of the most common pointers towards data corruption:

- Messages that the database format is unrecognizable and requires a password to open
- Messages pointing towards the Microsoft Jet Database being unable to open the selected file
- Messages that Microsoft Access needs to be closed because it encountered some problem

These errors usually occur when Microsoft Access files are corrupted and there is a problem with the execution of algorithms. In order to deal with these problems, Stellar Repair for Access uses a strong and consistent set of algorithms that scan the Microsoft Access Database in a thorough manner to recover as much data as possible. Though corrupted files may not always be recoverable, this application is a real boon to recover other data that is not corrupted but is inaccessible due to the corruption of a single file.

Useful Features Of Stellar Repair For Access

When a Microsoft Access database is corrupted, the most common thing to happen is the deletion of MDB files. When this happens, developers are usually rendered helpless. However, Stellar Repair for Access helps recover these deleted files that cannot be recovered otherwise. By using this application, you can recover a range of data such as name of tables, fields, all types of data, images, relation between tables as well as primary key fields. All these components are extremely important to a software developer and the more that can be recovered, the better. Apart from this, the software also recovers reports, modules, forms as well as macro files.

Another important functionality being offered with Stellar Repair for Access is the option to select specific components of the database that are to be repaired. This comes in handy especially when you do not need to run a repair on the entire database. Not only does this make your job more specific, it also makes the complete process of repairs much faster. This is one of the advantages you get by using a versatile database recovery system.

Apart from this, you can also recover VBA codes of MS Access that are protected by passwords. This is probably one of the features of Stellar Phoenix that cannot be found with many other applications. In fact, Stellar Repair for Access also supports the recovery of MS Access VBA codes of every kind, password protected or not. So if you are facing problems with your VBA codes, you can count on this application to solve your problems in a jiffy.


The compatibility being offered by Stellar Repair for Access is one of the advantages that truly sets the application on a standard higher than many others. It can be operated with a range of MS Access versions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and even 2000. This is a great advantage especially for individuals who are using older versions of Windows and MS Office. Again, Stellar Repair for Access can be operated on a range of Windows operating systems versions such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003 and XP.

This truly increases the scope of this software being helpful to numerous software developers and companies.
However, one of the most striking features that has led to Stellar Repair for Access's popularity is its user friendliness. You do not need to be a software expert or some kind of gizmo's freak to understand how this system works. In fact, even if you do not possess prior knowledge or skill relating to database recovery, you can very well operate this application with ease.

One may wonder how software with such sophisticated capabilities can be easy to use. The fact of the matter is that though Stellar Repair for Access works on quite a complex level, its graphical user interface makes all the difference. The interface is structured on a Windows based tree structure that is quite easy to understand and operate if you are a regular user of Windows operating systems. It is for this reason that as long as you can operate a normal computer powered by Windows, operating Stellar Repair for Access should not be a big problem. With relational database management forming the back bone of so many applications and companies, it is not easy to avoid Stellar Repair for Access when disaster strikes.

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