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Stellar Repair for Access Features

There are no questions about Microsoft Windows being one of the most popular operating systems being used these days. Apart from incomparable speed and efficiency, their user-friendliness is something that makes Windows one of the most preferred operating systems around the world. Microsoft Access for relational database management is a fine example of why people prefer Microsoft products.

However, if you use the software for a long time, you may notice that it gets a bit slow and you may also encounter a host of problems such as corrupted files and unaccessible data. Stellar Repair for Access is one of the leading solutions for software developers who face similar issues with Microsoft Access. Following are some of the salient features of the application that makes it one of the preferred solutions around the world.

First and foremost this access recovery helps recover MDB files, the extension in which data is stored in Microsoft Access. The software gives you options to select database components for repair. It facilitates the recovery of VBA codes that may or may not be password protected. It also helps the recovery of reports, macros, tables, modules etc. that can be fixed and restored in no time. It is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Access including 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010.
This can be used on various versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

As you may have noticed, the features and advantages of this recovery system are quite broad and can be useful to most software developers and architects. These features are available with the latest version of access recovery that costs approximately $130. The amount is quite meager keeping in mind the advantages it gives the user. Especially at the times of corrupted database files, there is nothing that can do the job as well as this application.

Relational databases form the back bones of most companies' and developers' database management systems. In the case of file corruption, most of these relational databases can come crashing down. This is where a lot of software developers and organizations felt the urgent need for effective recovery software. This system manages to do the job with minimum fuss and is capable of recovering most files in a corrupted database. In fact, one of the advantages of working with this application is that it does not delete or modify database components without the consent of the user. It comes as no surprise that many software developers consider this recovery system to be a true lifeline in troubled times.

When Microsoft Access stores database files, it does so in the form of a MDB extension. When most people face problems with corruption, it is usually these files that have been damaged. Stellar Repair for Access has the capability of detecting these files and repairing them hence minimizing damage caused by the corruption of files. It repairs and restores databases almost automatically minimizing the levels of stress on a software developer. You can use this feature if you face the following error messages when using Microsoft Access.

1: While opening a file on Microsoft Access, if you get a message pointing towards the data format being unrecognized, you can be sure of a corrupt file

2: If you get a message stating that a file cannot be opened by the Microsoft Jet Database Engine, a corrupt file is the source of the problem

3: The most common message pointing towards a corrupt database file states that the program needs to be closed since it encountered a problem

If you are facing problems with any of these error messages, you can use the features of Stellar Repair for Access to resolve the issue.

Again, if you have the experience and knowledge, you may want to manually manage corrupted files. Stellar Repair for Access also gives you the freedom to individual select files for repair. This feature helps you cut down a lot of CPU usage and it is also much faster. Again, there is no restrictions on the files that can be recovered or repaired. From modules and macros to forms, tables and reports, this access recovery is an effective solution when most of these files get corrupted.

Why is Stellar Repair for Access so popular

Another reason why many people prefer this recovery system is its compatibility with almost all versions of Microsoft Access. Be it the older 2010 version or the latest 2019, the application can be used for database file recovery for any of these versions. Again, Stellar Repair for Access is also a useful in terms of OS compatibility. It can work with various versions of Windows ranging from Windows 10 to Windows XP. So if you are thinking compatibility, you can be rest assured that Stellar Repair for Access is a go-to software.

The software only takes up 50 MB of your hard disk space and is quite light on the system. It does not involve too much CPU usage making it easier to run other programs simultaneously.

If you are looking to test the application's capabilities, you can always download the trial version to check it out. This will help you get a better perspective of your requirements.

Stellar Repair for Access is a real hit with most software developers for a number of reasons. It offers a collection of features that is hard to find in other access recovery software. Again, the simplicity involved in using the software makes things even better. The graphical user interface is similar to any Windows application and requires no special skills to operate. Even if you do not have past experience in operating these applications, using Stellar Repair for Access can make access recovery feel like a walk in the park.

Most companies and software developers these days are looking up to Stellar Repair for Access for solutions. If you believe in maintaining a consistent and reliable database, it is about time you get your copy of Stellar Repair for Access.