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Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar is in the data recovery business since 1993, and is serving now
more than 3 million users and most of the Fortune 500 companies.

Stellar Phoenix is recently renamed as Stellar Data Recovery

If you are looking for a complete data recovery solution for your Microsoft Windows operating systems or your Apple devices, as your Mac, iPad or iPhone, then Stellar Phoenix Software is the true choice. This software package can recover data both from the logical volumes of the hard disk and the main hard disk.

Stellar Phoenix provides for successful recovery of lost or deleted data from deleted or formatted volumes. It also recovers data that is deleted in volumes. Moreover you can search in volumes that were created earlier & formatted to make new volumes. Data is recovered from these volumes as well.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Windows Data Recovery allows the user to resume the recovery process at any time by creating image (.img) files.

There are two types of image files that can be used:

– Image of hard disk
– Volume Scan information file

The other feature apart from the data recovery available with this software is email recovery. Any emails supported by Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express Emailing programs can be recovered using Windows Data recovery.

You can also have a look at the status of hard disk and accordingly create an image of the hard disk. With that image of all volumes can also be created by the software. These images serve as a backup media because you can save these images and recover data from there at any given time. The most unique feature of the software is that you can create a snapshot of the entire hard drive by using a cloning feature in the windows data recovery.

If you want to recover data directly from the hard disk, then you can choose the raw recovery option of this software. New file types can be defined and added so that the new files can be found easily after scanning.

Fortune 500 Clients

What will Stellar Windows Data Recovery do for you?

– Recovery of all deleted data
– Recovery of data which is from the formatted volumes
– Recovery of data even from the most obsolete volumes on the hard disk
– Recovery of Data from external hard drives and devices such as USB Pen drives
– Recovery restart anytime
– Recovery of Email supported by clients like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express
– Hard disk Cloning
– Creating image of hard disk and volumes
– Create image of selected area of hard disk
– Statistics of hard disk

The software requires the following system requirements:
– Processor type: Intel
– Memory required: 2GB minimum
– Space on hard disk: 200 MB
– Operating systems: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

The company Stellar Information Systems Ltd. is into data recovery software and services. It was started in 1993 in New Delhi, India.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is designed to guide you easily repair, locate and restore the lost files. The software has various data recovery suites and tools which are used for recovering passwords, databases, files, emails, hard disks and many others.

So if you have accidentally deleted a file permanently from your hard disk or external device such as USB pen drive or a memory card and have cleared the Recycle Bin as well then the software comes to your rescue and immediately helps recover your data. The data recovery software is extensively used to recover data such as photos, videos, music files, spreadsheets and other Microsoft office files. The software company claims that it can recover almost 200 types of data file extensions which includes almost all major types of files one could possibly want to restore including the encrypted files as well as the archived files.

Unique Features of Stellar Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Windows Data Recovery supports almost all file systems such as FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, exFAT, NTFS and NTFS5. A unique feature of this software is that you can preview the files before the restoration process (at least the common file types).

The software is very easy to use because the interface is simple and aboveboard in appearance. The software directly asks you as user whether to scan an entire volume or scan the lost files. After that, the scan is done and the results are produced in a tree structure enabling the user to choose which file has to be previewed and consequentially recovered.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery is powerful and effective and you are successfully able to recover their data. You are advised to use the recovery software as soon as the data is deleted. This is because of the fact that the desired file can get corrupted or can get overwritten easily over a period of time. The software is used to recover the data from inaccessible drives as well. Overall the software is effective and practical to use.

Any kind of emergency data recovery

Stellar Information Systems are dedicated to any kind of emergency data recovery. Any lost data due to software malfunction, virus attack, accidental formatting of disks, deletion of files or folders, sabotage and unexpected shut down of the system etc. can be easily recovered. It also has certain advanced features such as File preview, Raw recovery from Compact disks, and USB pen drives, creating image of media, Disk Cloning, Email recovery from DBX and PST files and an advanced photo recovery that promises restoration of those memorable photographs accidentally deleted.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery software also recovers data from CDs and DVDs. The image files that the software supports are CRW, NEF, ORF, SR2, RAF, KDC, MRW, PEF, DCR, K25 and X3F. When the hard disk has bad sectors you can create an image of media which can help steadfast recovery. It takes an image sector by sector of the specific logical drive area. Likewise the image is later used for recovery of data. The demo version of the software gives you a better idea of file previewing option before you can purchase the product. Boot CD is a feature which can recover data from unbootable computer systems including Desktops and Laptops.

The software is equipped with a Live update feature in order to receive the latest product up gradations and the company offers 24/7 unlimited customer care and support.

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