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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Features

Data from computers could be lost because of various reasons such as disk formatting, virus attacks, erroneous data deletion etc. Data could also be lost because of damage to the NTFS or FAT file system or because of BOOT level corruption because of which the system experiences boot problems with the ensuing result that data accessibility is lost.

The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is an application that helps recover data that has been deleted or lost from computers installed with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. The application has features to recover the lost data from the affected computers hard disk. The software restores various kinds of files which have been deleted, like Acrobat, MS Office files, Audio, Video, Archive, any backups, Image, Internet files and Database. The tool assists restoration of over 185 important kinds of file. Additionally, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery also helps recover data lost in the event of damage of the partitions of information storage gadgets like, USB drives, CDs, Memory Cards hard disks which could be external or internal etc. The application also supports restoration of lost email and even data from formatted memory cards of mobile phones. However, with emails, the mail should be compatible to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express email programs.

How to install the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software

Often you are required to undertake data backup prior to formatting of the application. In many instances, the system is not accessible with the result that data backup becomes impossible. It may also happen that the backup is itself corrupted. The partition recovery feature in the application helps you to restore the information from partitions that are formatted in such instances. Furthermore, earlier volumes that were created and reformatted to new volumes can also be searched for deleted data. Deleted data can be recovered from these reformatted volumes as well.

As a feature, recovery of data may be scheduled any time by using image files. One function of an image is to serve as backup media. Saved images can be used to recover data any time.

There are 2 types of image files: Scan information file image and Hard disk or volume image

This software provides a feature to obtain the status and statistics of the hard disk and create image of hard disk. Additionally, the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery provides a cloning feature to create hard disk replica. This is supplemented by the raw recovery feature, which allows you to recover data from an entire hard disk and its corresponding volumes. For easier identification of files during a scan, the application provides a feature to add file types.

The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery has certain user friendly features. For e.g. If you are not able to view the document that is to be recovered then you can use the method of 'Deep Scan'. The Deep Scan option searches the hard disks for all deleted/ formatted/completely lost information. The application also provide you with the option to restore only a specific file or a set of files subsequent to scanning. This is done through the 'Find' option. You also have the choice to locate documents based on type, size or date of the file.

Procedure for installing the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Please ensure that prior to installation of the application your system meets the following requirements: Processor: Pentium Class, Hard Disk: 35 MB, Operating Systems: Windows 2003/XP/Windows 7/Vista and RAM: 256 MB minimum

Software Installation:

You should double-click the StellarPhoenixWindowsDataRecovery-Setup.exe file to run the setup process. On clicking, the Setup Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery dialog box appears. Click Next. This leads to the License Agreement screen User selects in the screen of License Agreement 'I accept the agreement option.' On selecting the option, the Next button is enabled. User clicks Next which leads to the 'Select Destination Location screen'. The user provides the path where the setup files will be stored on the screen of Select Destination Location. This can be done by using the Browse button. User clicks Next. This leads to the Start Menu Folder screen. The user provides the path on the screen Start Menu Folder where the program's shortcuts will be stored by using Browse button. User clicks Next. This moves user to the Select Additional Tasks screen The user checks the appropriate check boxes on the Additional Tasks screen, and clicks Next to move to the Ready to install screen. The user is required to review the settings on the Ready to install screen To change the settings, user clicks 'Back'. Post confirmation of the settings, user clicks Install. The installation screen indicates the installation process. Once the installation process is completed, the Completing the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Setup Wizard screen opens. User clicks Finish.

Please note that if the user wants to stop the automatic launch of the software, he/she may do so by clearing the 'Launch Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery's check box.

Process for ordering

Please note that the software can be purchased through an online payment mechanism using a credit card. The user may please visit the official website to know more about Stellar's Data Recovery products and information on how to place an order.

The user may also note that if the demo version is installed then he/she can click on the 'Buy Now' link in the 'About' dialog box. Alternatively, the user can click directly on the 'Buy' button in the tool bar to purchase the product.

Specifications of the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software

The application provides a lifetime license for a single user. The license is available in ESD format. The application interface supports English, French, German, Spanish and Italian languages. The version is 4.2, which was launched in June 2010 as 'Do it yourself' software.

Details for free download of the software

The application may be downloaded in a demo only format. It offers a preview of all recoverable files that use the software. Please note that only those files that are viewed in the preview mode are recoverable. For recovery of any data file, one will have to purchase the software.